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TC4 /Gr5 Titanium Square Rod.

TC4 /Gr5 Titanium Square Rod.

Titanium Square rod brand: TA1, TA2, TA9, TA10, TC4, etc., the production of titanium product density is small, higher than strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance performance is good, a new type of titanium alloy at 600 ℃ or higher temperature for use for a long time, low temperature resistant performance is good, in - 196-253 ℃ low temperature keep the good ductility and toughness, damping resistance is strong, nonmagnetic, non-toxic, tensile strength and yield strength, good heat transfer performance, low elastic modulus, suction performance, memory function, superconducting function. The function of hydrogen storage, product specifications are as follows: Forged titanium rod: diameter (26-200) x is less than or equal to 4000mm. Rolled titanium rod: diameter (8-25) x is less than or equal to 1500mm. Production standard: ASTMB348, AMS4972,ASTM F67,ASTM F136, tolerance to h9. Electroplating industry and metal pickling processing hanging tools and hanging pieces, The main specifications are 6*6mm 8*8mm 10*10mm 12*12mm 14*14mm.16*16mm,18*18mm,20*20mm,ect (customized)

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